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Request on 2 tables

i’m looking since 2 days the ways to extract, from 2 tables, user’s email.
i have:

table user:
unique id

table members:
members_unique_id (that linked user unique_id)

i got the project id from get_url path so my vision was to do :slight_smile:

do a search on members, members_project_id=get-url-path with that i get the rights members_id but i don,t find the way to get the user’s email from user’s table … i only get users unique id at the end …

So if somebody can help regarding my blocking point …



@locordi you can change your “member” table :

  • members_user (as User type)
  • members_project_id

Then, do search for members’s members_user’s email (condition: members_project_id=get-url-path) → you will get directly user’s email that is associated to this project !

Fantastic this answer exactly what i would like to do ! Thanks a lot for your help

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