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Converting unique ID's from one table to emails from another table?


I have a list of unique ID in one table (that match the unique IDs in the user table). The list is different because it represents a filtered list of users.

I want to send each one of them an email. How do I find the email address?

Hey @ido1 :wave:

There are probably a few ways to do this. One way could be sending the unique id to the backend workflow and then doing a search for users to obtain their email address on the backend. Then you can send the email with that.

Does that make sense? :blush:

Yeah - the logic is clear, the practicality is less clear.

For sure, there are probably a few different ways to make this work. :blush:

How do you think it should work? You probably have a better idea of what it should be since you have been working in the app. I don’t even have a screenshot to go off of. So maybe there is a better way? It’s hard to know unless we get some more information about what you have setup so far. Screenshots are a great way to help us visualize. :blush:

How are you populating this repeating group and what is the data type of it. I understand you have a list of unique ids that represent a filtered list of users, but how are you filtering the list of users to populate that repeating group.

Naturally to me, if you are filtering a list of Users to populate a repeating group, you have that filtered list of users available as a list of users and you can just send that list of users to your backend workflow.

Sorry if I’m missing something in your setup for how you are creating this list of filtered users in which you create a repeating group of unique ids.


That’s fair.

Well, I’ve got a table that contains a date, unique ID1, and unique ID2. What I want to do is extract the current email for each unique id and then send them an email.

What I think I would do is run a workflow that compares uniqueID1 with every unique ID in User. When both are the same, I’d extract the email address in the same row from user and then pass it as a parameter called email. I’d start another step or a workflow that uses the email parameter to send an email.

@boston85719 I built 2 workflows:

The first workflow runs with 1 user at a time and runs a search through other users looking for matches. It schedules a workflow on a list of users where the list is users that have a matching value to the user the workflow is running on.

For each user with a matching value, I am running the second workflow where I pass the primary user, the matching user and the matching values as parameters to the workflow so it’s easy to record them.

That makes sense, you could do this on the backend but sending the first unique ID and the second unique id list which you can run on a loop to check each one. If it matches, send email, otherwise just skip it. Or something like this. Is that what you are thinking?

Yes, that’s what I’ve done! It’s working now :slight_smile: Thank you

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