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Requests on "DATE" data type

First, I would like to show my excitement to know this service. Bubble is what I wanted for a long time, and this seems to significantly improve the speed from ideas to actual services. Thank you for the development team!

As for the data types, I have two requests so that I can use Bubble in more convenient way.

  1. Create a data type of DATE, not DATE TIME.

    Currently, there is a data type of “Date” in Bubble, but it seems this actually is DATE TIME variable. Therefore, actually data contains time, and the time is automatically set as AM00:00:00 So, when I put the data into calender module, it shows that the schedule is set at AM0:00, and seems strange. I just need to show the date, and not time (at least I would like to avoid to show AM0:00). So if there is DATE type variable which does not contain TIME, that would be helpful.

  2. Flexibility of changing the data type

Currently, it is not possible to change the data type of variables after creating. Therefore, if I would like to modify the datatype, I need to delete all the data in the variable and create again. Is that possible to make this more flexible?

  1. You can extract the date from datetime fairly easily, although not sure about doing it in the calendar.

  2. You can either have an admin button (or a bulk API) to copy the fields from one to another, and then delete the old one.