Reset Password - Native Mobile App (iOS)

How do I model and develop this flow for my Native Mobile App?

I read the documentation and it looks like an email is sent to the user. This email contains the reset password link, which redirects them to a webpage where the user can reset their password.

My App is a pure native mobile app, and there is no “Web App”.

The screenshot below is for a sign-up to “Medium”. I’m looking for something similar for password reset.

Ideally, the password reset email sent to users should:

  1. Contain a link that opens the password reset group on my native mobile app. Since it is a native mobile app, I have one page only. All the screens in my app are shown/not shown by selectively showing and hiding groups.

Is this use case possible in Bubble? Is there a work around?


So it sounds like what you’re looking for is deep linking, which doesn’t seem to be possible with Bubble mobile apps yet.

Hi Nate,

Thanks for your feedback.

This means that my mobile App users would:

  1. Get an email with a link to “reset_pwd” webpage. Most likely, they will click on this link from this mobile phone.

  2. This opens up their mobile web browser (safari, chrome, etc) where they reset their password.

  3. Then they would need to get back to my App to login again with the new password.

  4. And, this entire flow is happening outside my native mobile App.

This would make the user experience very awkward.

@emmanuel Is our understanding correct? Are there any plans to make deep linking available for native mobile apps? Last but not least, for this specific use case is there any work around we can use?

Apologies for the many questions, but I guess this is a standard use case for any bubble native app with basic security through login/password.


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There are such plans, but not while we’re in early beta.


Just a two more clarifications:

  1. The process I described for resetting a password for a native mobile app. Is it correct?

  2. Would this also mean that I cannot accept payment on my native mobile app by - say - integrating with stripe?


To reset a password, as this stage, it should go through a web page.

Payment might not work indeed, I haven’t tested though (did you? that’s by far the best way to get an answer, especially in beta).

ok, thanks!

For the payment flow, I have not yet tested. Will try it out and let you know.

Any updates here? Do we still have to break the native app framework to reset passwords?

@blueback09 you can use a webview. If your app is a cordova app there exists plugins for having multiple webviews

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Hi, any update if we can deep link somehow, to get user (for reset pw and other links) to open in App (i’m using gonative here, so would prefer users to open the content in their app)

Hello Bubble admins,
any updates on given topic?
Is there a process defined on how to reset password for a native app?