Resetting a thing in all users once a week

This is my first time using recurring events and I’m not entirely sure how to use them, is there a way to reset a thing in all of the users in an app once a week on Sunday?

Any help is much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

You could setup a recursive workflow that will schedule itself for 1 week from the current date…Since you want it setup that way, you could first trigger it yourself from a ‘dummy page’ you set up just to trigger it to begin.

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The problem is I don’t really know how to make it reset a thing in all users when the recurring event is triggered… Not sure if that makes sense.

You could use the make changes to list of things workflow action, or setup recursive workflows.

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Awesome, figured that part out now, last thing I’m confused on is the ‘Workflow Thing’, I’ve read the Bubble docs information on it, but I’m still unsure of what it means.

What should I be putting here when I’m changing a thing in a list of users?

Workflow thing is the type of data you set as the custom workflows type