Resetting data type every month

Hey Guys,
I am creating a subscription model and for that need to change my “status” data-type to inactive every month.
How can I do this for all my users automatically…??
Thank you.

Hey @kunalghiya1994 :wave:

Welcome to the Bubble Community! :blush:

I am not sure of all of the context to be sure this is the best solution. Here it goes anyways:

Have you tried using backend workflows? These are workflows that you can schedule and also make recurring. These are done on the server and not in the browser.

Here is an example: Help Getting Started with API Workflows - #2 by J805

Hey @J805
Thanks for replying.
I am a novice and have no idea of backend workflows…
I ll look into it.
Thank you again.

@kunalghiya1994 No problem.

Sounds good. Here is how you turn them on so they are available to use in your project:

Enable them here:

Go to the backend workflows after they are enabled by going here:

Hope that helps! :blush:


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