Resize Image to Fit in Image Element

For months I had issues with the images in my repeating groups having to be in “Stretch” mode and looking distorted and warped. I also didn’t want to use “Rescale” because of the varying background filler behind different image sizes. Croppie and other tools would not work for me. Finally though, using this post, I figured out how to fix this (hopefully this helps others dealing with the same issue)…
The problem was the that element I was using for pictures in my repeating groups was an Image element, where you can only select to rescale or stretch the underlying image url.
THE SOLUTION to it was to change the element to a Shape instead! Once you do that, you can select the “background style” to be an image, and then can select “center the image” and “crop to fit the element size”. To me it is sort of ridiculous that you can’t do all this within the image element, but so it goes…
Here is an example of the element with the settings that worked best for me:

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If anyone is still struggling with this… My setup is the following and it works fine: