Using the built-in bubble Image processing using Imgix

It seems that resize to fit the dimensions by cropping is not working but it is unclear why.

See Image processing using Imgix - New Plugin from Zeroqode for context and screenshots.

Any help would be appreciated.

Do you have a link to your editor? That exact feature works fine for me.

Wait, with a link, anyone can access my editor?

No, you have to enable it. In order for us to be able to take a closer look at the issue it’s recommended to share your editor link.

That feels weird. But here it is.

You can see a live post here with the issue.


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Hey @JayM,

Try switching your run-mode rendering to stretch

Then it is disproportional

If not, then I don’t believe it’ll work.

yeah, I am trying to understand why, or what different setup will work. In Zeroqode’s post they have a similar setup and it works, why? What am I doing differently?

Have you tried what they suggested here?

Or there is another way - you can set to Keep element proportions in Responsive settings:

Actually, I take back my statement from earlier about “Rescale.” It seems to work in my app. This is what it looks like for me

I have tried the responsive “keep proportions” and since it works on your end, it brings me back to the same issue.

Why does it not work in my setup…?

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