"Resolve Conflict" Selection Not Working When "Add Changes From" Is Used

Has anyone else had issues with checkboxes not working in the “Resolve Conflict” list? I’m wondering if it’s a bug or if I’m just missing something.

I pay for two development modes. I tried to copy Dev2 to Dev1 by using the “Add Changes From” button.

After Dev1 refreshed it presented me with a conflict list. Most of the items in the conflict list had one of the two items already selected. With these I was able to select Dev2 and confirm the conflict resolution.

However, a number of items didn’t have an option pre-selected. I am unable to check either option. I can hit confirm without selecting but that still leaves me with two different Dev versions of the app. I tried to confirm and start the process over and all of these conflict items remain.

Has anyone seen this before?

Can you submit a bug report? that’ll make things much easier for us to fix this week (bubble.io/bug_report)

Facing the same issue in resolving conflicts

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Thanks. Bug report was just submitted.

Also facing these issues.

Hey guys, just to provide quick answer here, we show a checkbox as selected if the current state in the app is identical to the current state of “Yours” or the merged version.

There are often situations where the state is identical to neither, and we can’t make it identical: for instance, if you deleted a group on one version, and there was an button in the group, and you’re clicking the “Yours” checkbox to try to show the button, we can’t add the button back on the page because there’s no group to stick it in any more.

So having a checkbox not visibly do anything doesn’t necessarily represent a problem. If you’re in that situation, you should confirm that the referenced element is in the state you want it to be in, and then click “Confirm”. The point of the conflicts are to draw your attention to places where the same thing was touched on both versions; you don’t necessarily need to make a selection if you’re happy with the state the app is in.

I totally realize this is a little confusing, and we’ve been discussing ideas for making it clearer such as greying out checkboxes that currently aren’t applicable. We’ve been making a bunch of small tweaks to the version control feature to resolve some bugs + issues with it, and are planning to continue improving it over the next couple weeks.

FWIW, this is where a UX professional can add tremendous value. To paraphrase Steve Jobs, “design is not just about how something looks, but also about how it works.”

Bubble’s core functionality is awesome, but many aspects of the UI leave much to be desired. IMHO, if anything will hold Bubble back, it’s the UI/UX. An “outside perspective” - especially by someone trained in the art and science of user interaction - can have profound impacts on an app’s usability.


@josh and @Emmanuel thanks for the amazing support and response time. And thanks for making bubble…I’m a huge fan :grinning:

I’m reading and re-reading the latest response from @josh and still having trouble understanding it completely.

@josh what do you mean by “confirm the referenced element is in the state you want it to be in”? Does that mean going through each item in the workflow that a button triggers?

Confirming the referenced element is in the state I want could be difficult (or maybe impossible). I have 8 elements that I need to confirm. Some are tied to buttons that activate complex workflows, APIs, and ZAPs.

I clicked on one of the eight items on the Resolve Conflict list as an example (Pictured below). This example has an 11 step workflow and a zap with over 40 inputs. This would be difficult to go through each item to confirm it’s in the right state.

I have two dev modes. I used Dev2 to complete a major project change. Now that it’s done and published to live, I’m just trying to reset Dev1 to be identical to Dev2. Is there a way to just delete Dev1 and replace it with Dev2?

I want to start fresh with two dev modes so I can start another major project change.

@josh is it possible to completely delete Dev1 and replace it with Dev2?

Your recommendation leaves me in a tough spot.

  1. It’s almost impossible to go through each element’s workflow to confirm it’s in the right state. And I would end up missing something. (at least for elements tied to complex workflows)
  2. Even if I click “confirm” the conflict errors re-appear each time I reload the bubble editor.
  3. I’m stuck in this tough spot where having two development modes is no longer helpful.

A refresh would be great. I just need to start fresh from the app that’s in my second development mode.

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