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RESOLVED Facebook login button element

Is there a Facebook button graphic element that can be added to the tools in the left?

Hard to find the official “Login with Facebook” button.

I’d either grab an image from a Google search like this to use in an image element:

Or style a button element with Facebook’s hex and group with Bubble’s Facebook icon:


You can also create the buttons using a text element and fontawesome icons. For example, the text for Facebook could be:

“[fa] fa-facebook [/fa] Log in with Facebook”
Then edit it in the rich text editor to increase the Facebook icon size, making it:



Note that for this to work (@fayewatson solution) you need at least one icon element (hidden is fine) so that the icon font gets loaded.


BTW what is that markup code in brackets you are using in the text element? and do you have one to force a line feed?

The code is from the fontawesome feature described in the post below. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I’m not familiar with a line feed. Are you asking how to move text so it begins on the next line?

yes, to the next line

Ohh, no code needed fortunately; you can press enter twice inside the text input:

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