[Resolved] No visual elements in editor

Hey everyone,
I’m not seeing anything in the “visual elements” section of the left sidebar in the editor, just an option to install more - only for reusable elements, though. Anyone else having trouble?

**edit: Not confined to reusable elements. All pages are doing this.

Do you have anything typed in the search bar?

Nope. Nothing shows up when the page loads. If there are elements options in there, they go away when I click on any element on the page.

Can you show some screenshots or gifs please?

I’m guessing the top yellow box is your email address. Click it, select the text, and delete it. Your browser is trying to autocomplete that element search bar.


Wow, that’s some new behavior! Thanks!

I misspoke, the searchbar was auto-filling with my email address. Thanks for taking a look!

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