Resource(s): Shopping Cart / Checkout Fundamentals

Hi all -
I have read various questions related to building a shopping cart and am having trouble connecting the dots. Is there a resource you suggest that outlines and walks through the steps of the process?
I’m looking for an outline that is as comprehensive as possible in laying out the Objects and Workflow - this seems like a real gap in the documentation/training.
Thanks in advance!

There are videos on the thread for the list shifter plugin. The developer of the plugin in providing videos on how to use the plugin, demonstrated its use in a shopping cart.

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Thanks - I will take a look!
I also just downloaded the I-PPLE E-commerce template to study their use of objects and workflows. Will probably download a few other templates to study the variety of approaches.

As an instructor, I only recommended looking at templates as a learning tool for very basic functions like a blog, if it is a basic template that does one thing. If the templates you are looking at are fully functional e-commerce sites, they might not be the best resource for learning from.

Another thing to keep in mind is that just anybody can create and publish a template, so their approach doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best approach, but you are right to want to investigate a variety of approaches.

In my experience, the best approach was from the list shifter examples, especially because it is a basic foundational approach from which you can expand to fully fit your use case, like if you planned to implement the use of Stripe API for multiple product purchases from different sellers.

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