Next step "Shopping Cart"...but I need some direction

Having searched here (a lot!) I see that there are multiple options regarding shopping carts. I’m finding this a bit confusing and I’m still a relative newbie with Bubble which isn’t helping. Could someone with experience point me in a helpful direction? This is where I’m at…

I’m creating an app that lets people sell items from various outlets to people who log in. I’ve built the database and users can log in to choose outlets and see an outlet’s specific products with that outlet’s unique pricing options etc. Users can select products and each product is added to a RG. The user can then specify a quantity and a total is displayed for each row (Price x Qty).

Ideally I’d like to be able to display a grand total of what’s in that repeating group and show it outside the group but this doesn’t seem possible despite a lot of help (I think because my RG is 1 row, full height).

My next step is basically to take everything from the repeating group and put it into a shopping cart so that people can pay for stuff and outlets can get money. What is my best way to do this?
Do I need to download a kind of shopping cart plugin in which case, can anyone point me towards a good one - I’ve just come across AirDev but have no idea how it compares. I’ve read Stripe (I think!) mentioned in comments…is that where I need to go? Do I need to create it from scratch? I’m so confused and I’m really hoping that someone can understand where I’m at and point me in a sensible direction.

If I can get this sorted, I’d be so happy.
Many thanks


The above is the first of a series of short videos by @TipLister that should be useful.

A complementary approach would be to study a template from the Bubble store and study how the author approached the build. This of course, remembering that there are different ways to build this logic and the template’s author is one. I am sure that there might be a freebie template out in the Bubble templates store, so that you do not need to purchase one.

Bubble is a visual programming language and though it uses plugins to complement builds … it still is a blank canvas where you need to build the necessary pillars for things to work as you need them. :grinning:

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Thank you so much. I’m going to give this some quality time later today. I do appreciate the assistance - it’s one of the things I really love about Bubble. There’s actually so much help available that I sometimes need reminding of other places to search for it beyond my normal channels. Your words of wisdom about the “Blank canvas” are a good reminder too. Thank you.

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