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Responsive Beta


I have converted my entire site to the new responsive Beta - its taken ages!

I have one element left that is causing an issue - a Calendar Element. It doesn’t allow the same options as every other element where you can set min and max widths and heights.

when I scale the page up and down - the calendar stays fixed width which is largely useless. Help!

I could be wrong, but is it possible this is due to the parent container’s type being Row? Not sure if your design would support it, but you could try the Column type instead and see if that gives you h what you need.

@neilgellett is this calendar element part of a plugin? If so, you’ll quickly find that no third party plugins have been upgraded to the new responsive engine and only some Bubble plugins have been.

They are prioritising the functionality to make plugins work with the new responsive engine but not sure when it will be live.

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Thanks, yep I’ve tried every combination , row, column etc - nothing works.

It’s the Full Calendar plugin by Bubble - so suspect this must be the issue. I’ve messaged Bubble…



Can you put it in a group and use the responsive settings on the group rather than the calendar?

I use AirCalendar and this has worked for me

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