Bubble Full Calendar plugin not working with new responsive?

Hello guys !
First message here :slight_smile:
I’m very new with Bubble and I just started to get my hands on the new responsive engine, but I’m struggling a lot with the Bubble plugin Full Air Calendar !
Since I upgraded to the new engine, I’m not able anymore to make the calendar responsive. It doesn’t shrink with the screen size and always keeps the same width.
I have compared with a page still on the old responsive mode, and everything works perfectly…
Does anyone have any thoughts about this ? (cf settings in screenshot)
I’m not sure if this comes from my settings or just that the plugin is not fully made for new engine yet

I’d appreciate a lot any help :slight_smile:
Thanks !


None of the current plugins are responsive at this moment. The current plugin builder does not offer the options needed to make plugins ready for the new responsive engine. This is one of the reasons the new responsive engine is still in beta mode.

Thanks @mike_verbruggen ! That’s what I was afraid of …

So, in that context, would you suggest to build with new or old engine ? I suppose the answer depends on if a plugin is needed ?
I’m building a one page app, but I guess I could create 1 page upgraded to new responsive engine for non-plugin components and additional pages still with old engine that would hold the plugins ?

I’m curious if you have any best practice to share on this :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot !

Put the calendar element in its own group.

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