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Responsive Design Help - New Thread

I am looking for more guidance on building the UI in a manner that is responsive. I have worked with things like AEM and EPI server and am finding it very difficult to design a nice responsive UI that behaves properly across all common viewports.

Love the concept of this platform but struggling with this aspect of it. Have watched a couple videos, read the very limited documentation on the subject. Docs seem to imply element level adjusts, but when I click on an element there is precious little I can do with it. Should be able to decrease font size, change text alignment, tell elements to go to new row and center etc.



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Hello @dcuselton welcome to the community!

This video is a long watch but has many gold nuggets!

This is a free template not for mobile responsive but rather for actual mobile design (to wrap your app as a native app in the stores). This is suggested as a frame of reference. Many folks study free templates (or even paid ones) … to learn! :grinning:

thanks @cmarchan I will watch this video.

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