Responsive Engine Glitch

Has anyone experienced the responsive engine glitching.

I haven’t figured out what triggers it, but all of sudden the screen will start to jump, elements will move and disappear, and obviously that behavior triggers errors. Over the past year this happened maybe a dozen times. The odd thing is that it usually resolves itself over time, but I’ve not figured that part out either.

I’ve provided a video

Hi, are you still experiencing this? What happens in preview?

It’s “fine” in preview. Although sometimes elements move around in the editor so the preview is not always accurate.

Is it happening on other pages as well. Or this page only.

It happened at times on almost all of my new responsive engine pages. I’m wondering if has something to do with the editor being opened on another computer at the same time.

Oh I see. Not expected. Did you contact the support?

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@brian.good500 I hate to be that guy, but have you tried clearing your cache and then restarting your machine? I get a ton of weird Bubble editor bugs once I have too much cached info for Bubble. My most common bug for the past two years has been the elements tree disappearing or appearing incomplete on the left. A good ole browser cache clearing usually fixes it for a few months though.

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