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Responsive Height for Hybrid Mobile App

Have you tried putting the text field in a Floating Group set to bottom?

Well yes the tabs at the bottom are a floating group set to the bottom, but I want the text to be relative to wherever I put it in the editor. As the example below. This is what It looks like in my

Also both the map and the text input are both in a floating group that is set to both top and bottom. Thus how I got the map to be responsive.

If you want it to be “relative” to anything, you’re going to put the input into a floating group, as well.

Hmm maybe I am not understanding something. The input text is within the floating group as is the
map. Is this what you mean?


Have you tried putting the “input” in its own floating group?

Otherwise, I think you may need to use javascript to determine the bottom and place the input, similar to what you did with the header and footer.

I put the input in the same floating group and applied the previous java script and it had the same results. Do I need to apply the java script to the input element itself or just the floating group its within?

Try putting it in its own floating group, not inside the other floating group.

Sorry I meant I put the input into its own floating group** not the same floating group.

I am guessing this has to be more with transformation and java script. Could you help point me in the right direction of how to use the h of the screens device and relate that to a transformation in Y? Or am I missing something?

try putting the input in a “group”. Then give the group an ID attribute, then add an “When Page is Loaded” with a CSS Tools action. In the action add something like this (change #setting to the ID you gave your Group element):

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Still does not work, same issue does not move the input to the spot relative to where I put it in the editor. I’ve tried to play around with the code with no luck. Again the map is responsive yet whatever I put within the floating group of the map is not responsive.

Hello… I’m facing issues with these Dynamic Height concepts to display pictures of a user. I need support from someone to help me to do a basic Show Picture feature (*) as I’m lost now…

(*) Click on a Picture icon and hop the picture is shown on the entire mobile page… I’m facing issues to show the picture at different mobile height … Could you help me doing this with a quick MEET or ZOOM conf call? I’m lost and ned advices …

hello I am new to the community and I have a problem with my responsive it does not adapt to all sizes of phone I followed the previous advice but I can not do it All my groups are placed after in the index.
Thanks for your help
Here are two different screenshots

Capture d’écran 2021-07-30 à 17.52.49

I have found success making an element 100% of the viewport height by following these instructions. In my case it is for a Mapbox element, but this should work for any type of element.