Responsive Launch: feature out of beta 6/27/22!

Mark Your Calendars, Bubblers!

June 27, 2022 will be the day that Bubble’s new Responsive editor goes out of beta and into WIDE RELEASE!

With this launch, Bubble brings modern web design principles of CSS flexbox to our robust online editor that lets you create almost any web app you can imagine. The new Responsive editor offers more design controls and makes building apps even easier and faster than before. And this feature is accessible to ALL users, free and paying, who use Bubble’s editor.

Join us to celebrate with our online Livestream demo of new Responsive with the Bubble team.

RSVP for Livestream here or invite your friends with the shortlink:

What does this mean for you & your apps? Your EXISTING apps will not change (unless you want them to). Because the new Responsive editor represents a fundamental overhaul to how you’ll be building responsive web apps, you’ll be able to choose when you want to upgrade your app to the new Responsive engine and rebuild your pages at your own page. All NEW apps created will be on the new Responsive editor.

To learn how to upgrade your apps/pages and build with the new Responsive editor:

Benefits and new features you get from upgrading to new Responsive:

  • margins
  • padding
  • gap controls
  • overflow
  • easy alignment to row, column, and parent containers
  • and more!

If you have questions about responsive, the person to “at” in the comments is @nick.carroll :wink:

See you there!


any chance you fix the RG’s first? :slight_smile:

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Hey @vivienne

Any updates to follow over some native elements that still do not support this. Things like New Rich Text Editor, Multi-file upload and so on



+1 here, these should absolutely be included when the responsive launch goes out of beta.

Overall, I’m loving the new responsive editor! Only issue I’ve had with it (other than a learning curve) is getting columns to size evenly when the parent group has a column gap set. For example, if I set a 20px column gap, it’s often difficult to get the child elements/groups to be sized properly so the gap between them is truly 20px and the L/R edges of both columns are at the edge of the parent group. It would be nice if we had some kind of “stretch columns” option to make sure columns stretch to fill their column’s space better. I’ve been having to eyeball it when using percentage widths for columns, but I’d prefer a more precise UI. Hopefully that all makes sense. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree with this @nick.carroll any updates on this?

Sam - appreciate the question. This should be possible by not setting a max width on the child elements & ensuring “fit width to content” is not checked - this will allow the child element to stretch to fill whatever space is available. If I had 4 child elements in my row container with a 20px column gap and the above settings, those 4 child elements should all stretch to fit that parent container evenly. Does this help or am I missing something?

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Team is still working through the backlog of plugin elements and most will be converted by the time we leave beta. Curious - how big of a blocker is it to not have RTE or Multi-file uploader converted?

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@nick.carroll that worked! You rock, my friend! :sunglasses:


with existing apps, of which I manage around 30 for different clients, is there any chance to have a setting where we can choose if new pages are new responsive or old responsive?
it is kind of a time drain creating new pages on old apps and always having to convert to new responsive engine and knowing this might be the fact in 3 years too.


It’s my understanding that for existing apps your do get the choice.

Existing apps by default have new pages in the old engine but you can convert anytime.

I have a number of apps where I am slowly converting old stuff over so is a mix of old and new…I started off with things like headers and footers as I was learning, then other reusables and finally am building new pages from scratch with the new editor (I’m finding it faster to build in the new engine now I have my head around how it works - took a minute for me to warm up to it :joy:)

Now I much prefer the new editor as it’s so easy and responsiveness is soooo good. But I have existing apps that will take me awhile to bother converting over.

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Well played @nick.carroll it’s come a long way since we alpha’d this way back last year :zap:

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Great feedback, will check with the team on this. In theory, it should be straightforward to implement technically speaking.

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@nick.carroll can we get an icon or something letting us know which plugins support the new responsive editor?

Would make finding an appropriate plugin much faster.


Glad to hear it!

Hey @nick.carroll

What about Group Focus? Is it getting fixed or getting the responsive behavior correct soon?

Thanks a lot.

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Will/does this allow overflow: visible? or does it pertain to overflow: scroll only.

Hey! Looking into it, definitely some room for improvement w/ group focus


Live Stream happening now!

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