Responsive mode Issue - creating plans on landing page

Hi Everyone!

Everything seems to be responding fine on my Landing Page except these stupid rectangle plans. :confused:

When I size down into a small ipad/ phone size, the group containing the 3 plans always shifts left, even though its aligned centre. All the elements are centre aligned as well.

Has anyone else dealt with similar responsivity issuses?

Thanks guys!

Check the responsive settings (alignment and margins) for the white boxes AND their parent groups, as well as the minimum widths etc.

Feel free to post some screenshots of the current responsive settings if you can’t figure it out, so someone on here can see what the issue is.

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Try adding a collapse margins value in the responsive editor. Bubble doesn’t automatically collapse margins without you telling it to.


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Just an update if anyone read this and has a similar issue in the future:

It looks like the problem was there was a group behind the 3 plan elements which, when behind them but not enclosing them (the purpose of this group was purely visual) it completely stuffs up the responsivity.

Removing the group fixed the issue.

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