Responsive tag cloud using RG and new layout engine

Here’s a fully responsive tag cloud (with edit mode access) made with the new responsive layout engine and a little custom CSS.


It broke with some recent updates to the new layout engine, but I just tweaked it to work again by modifying four CSS properties. It works on mobile Safari and all major desktop browsers. I don’t currently have access to an Android device but have no reason to think that it won’t work there.

Anyway, it’s potentially useful in a lot of scenarios. It would be really nice to just tick a checkbox to enable it.


Thank you! This is great.

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I couldn’t figure out how to use the extension. Can you share the CSS?

@sudsy is still project still available?

Here is an example using only Bubble’s new responsive engine and one css tag which you can add to the header or in an html element

P.S. it may take afew seconds to load. Jist generating the tag list on the fly

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This tip is now obsolete, as this functionality has been built in. See this announcement. Thank you, Bubble!