Responsive vs Mobile page version

Hi bubblers !

Simple question here :

What’s the differences , advantages / drawbacks between:

  • using the responsive system or
  • create a new mobile version for some pages.

The user experience would be very different I think between mobile & desktop devices. And some of the page I designed, will really need to have a specific mobile version.
I then plan to have some responsive pages, and other I will rebuilt for mobile devices.

As it will be a certain amount of work, Id like to have your feedbacks, and know if I’m in the right direction…

  • other question :
    If I make a mobile version of one of the page, would I have to rebuilt all the workflows?

Thanks !

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I find that responsive not always solves a specific viewport’s problem so I usually end up creating two groups that are responsive but act/look a bit different. One for desktop and one for mobile. However, for dynamic content this requires more work as duplicating elements means also duplicating workflows.

Dynamic and workflow intensive stuff I try to keep in one design and optimize for mobile as best as I can.

As you said, the user experience on mobile vs desktop is very different so it requires some changes, not just getting responsive settings right for desktop and mobile.

However, my app is desktop first and I plan on native apps further down the road.

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