Responsiveness issues

Hi! I have an issue with responsiveness: everything aligns to the right, instead of centered, and some elements are out of the screen.

Can someone help me to find out what the issue is? I’ve tried everything but can’t find the problem.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @f.derks - doesn’t appear you’re sharing your app (see pic below if you’re not sure how to share).

Without looking at your app, you may need to group elements together and play around with centering. Seems like your existing elements are pushing things around (and off) the screen. Grouping them will help give you better control on laying them out. In my experience, responsiveness is very iterative and time-consuming process to support phones-to-laptops.

Hey Nikolai, thanks for your response! I ended up creating a new page, and copying all the elements, and its looks great now…

Thanks for your help though,

Best, Frank