Responsive issue - Can't keep header elements on same line

Hey Bubblers, Is it possible to have 3 elements on one line. One aligned left, one aligned right, and one aligned center. In full view this seems to work. But when making the screen smaller, the reponsive setting is putting the elements on more than one line. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thank you.


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Does anyone have any ideas?

Have you watched the responsive tutorial? I believe they cover this with the use of spacer elements and groups.

Yes, use spacer elements with minimum width set to zero, and all elements referenced to the element on the left.

This is what I have done in various places in my app.

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Thanks guys @potentialthings @DaveA I didnt know about this concept, I must have missed it first time i watched the tutorial. Worked like a charm!

This is def hard in Bubble and shouldn’t require spacer elements. But glad I found this comment!