Rest json api structure

Hi Experts bubblers,

I am trying to connect to my bubble api but I have some troubles. There is any way to configure the api structure as below

“Modified Date”: “2022-10-11T14:02:01.616Z”,
“Created Date”: “2022-10-01T21:36:41.762Z”,
“Created By”: “admin_user_futdesk360_test”,
“credito”: “FM/0123456”,
“datadesembolsado”: “2022-09-30T23:00:00.000Z”,
“valordesembolsado”: 1000,
“cnpj”: “222.222.222/2221-99”,
“fantasia”: “muniz”,
“nome”: “anderson”,
“_id”: “1664660201762x372024436966137400”


Is this something you try to get or a payload you try to send?