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Restrict access to a page if the user is not logged in

How is it possible to restrict access to a page if the user is not logged in.

I know only one way “When page is loaded and current user is not logged it -> redirect to page XX”
But how is it possible to achieve without actually loading the whole page?

Have you tried?.. The page doesn’t get loaded, the change happens on the server.

Yes, I’ve tried. The page loads (I can see it for 2-3 sec) and then redirects. But I want it to happen without visual page load.

something like: if user is logged in -> load page; if user isn’t logged in -> redirect

How many actions do you have in your workflow? If it’s just a go to page action, it shouldn’t do this (try while being logged in, for instance)

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Is that the only action? Can you share a link

You mean in the whole workflow? I’ve got about 20+ actions.

You shouldn’t have any action after a go to page action. The issue checker is flagging this right?

After “go to page” I’ve got no actions.

Can you share a link?

I’m confused, the redirection is instantaneous for me

When you log in -> log out (redirects to another page after log out) -> click “go back” in browser there will be 2-4 sec lag…

Oh that’s a different situation, but doesn’t sound like something that happens no? What matters is that if a user hits he gets redirected to sign up

Yes, maybe you are right. I am too meticulous :slight_smile:

It’s good, we need users to push the limits to make Bubble better :smile: For that one though, let’s see if some users hit that situation in real life.

Hi, I cannot find the event when Page is loaded and when current user isn’t logged in, how do I create it or find a tutorial to create it?

You create it on your page. in Workflow Tab.

Hi Nigel,

yes, I got it. The question was that I could not find the action to select. What exactly do I have to select in the workflow tab? I want to restrict access and redirect the user to the start page, for the page.