Why can I access a page without user loggin or signup when it shouldnt

I have been going through a lot of video tutorials on bubble, people teach user signup or login but fail to explain how to hide a page. I mean once a user logs in, if he / she just copies the link to the particular page, logs out and then paste it on the browser to access it, it will still show the page regardless of user being logged in or out.

I took a udemy course and the trainer was teaching how to make a dashboard, I just refered the video and typed in this link, it takes me to the actual dashboard even if I didnt go through sign up or login process.

How do I hide it or not allow anyone to get past it without logging in ?

On every page load event (inside workflow) make a condition to navigate to sign-in page, “When Current user isn’t logged in”

Well that was the first thing I did so what happens is that it loads the page, THEN auto redirects to login signup page but it gives a window for the user to stop the browser midway from redirecting and then have access to whatever is loaded. This is not a foolproof method actually.

Keep all things on the page hidden and show only when user signed in, So nothing will load

Hmmm, makes sense. I may also show a modal to login signup on all pages and make it show only when user not logged in.

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