Results in mobile version and PC are different (but both are about the same objects)

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here at the forum and I am not a fluent english person, so apologies for any mistake.
I’m wondering if I’m facing a bug and want help from the community to now if it is or something in my aplication is wrong.

The problem:
I’m creating a contract page for show the information above the parts (customer and professional). Everything was fine when testing on PC, but when I went to test in smartphone the results from some texts showing are different (and hasn’t any condition in any text).

Photo 1:
This photo shows the text and the object which I’m talking about (focus in just the first object off this phrase, pointed in red, but all objects in this texts have this problem).

Important: There isn’t any condition in this text (orange pointed).

Photo 2:
This print shows the comparative results in PC x Mobile

I don’t know if there is any more information relevant about this and you’all can acess the link to test if it happens to you as well… Any tips, sugestions or more information relevant that I can show, please send a message!


Hi @obravebr :wave:
Welcome to the forum. I am also Brazilian :+1:

I think you may be facing a privacy issue.

Probably you have some privacy rule applied to your company’s data and you are logged as an authorized user in your PC. And not in your phone. That’s why you can’t see the information in your phone (as I couldn’t too).

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Hi Rafael!

Thanks for the tip. I haven’t configured and it was exactly that happening.
Problem solved!

Valeu irmão :slight_smile:

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