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Results of previous step not showing up

I have workflows that add/remove items from custom state lists. I’m trying to reduce/cleanup the number of workflows used so I want to be able to +/- an item from a custom state list in one workflow, instead of two workflows: state list contains item condition and state list doesn’t contain item condition. I’m trying to do this by step 1: adding the item to the list with condition if the list doesn’t contain the item. Step 2: Terminate the workflow with condition if results from step 1 is not empty. Step 3: remove the item from the list.

The problem is for one workflow where I get to the terminate workflow step (2), I’m able to set the condition “if results from step 1 is empty”. However in another workflow for a different custom state list, when I get to step(2) to terminate the workflow, I’m not given the option to set the condition "if results from step 1 is (not) empty.

Does anyone know why this is happening? I’m attaching images. One where it shows I was given the option of selecting “result of step 1” in the dropdown and another where “result of step 1” does not appear.

Did you ever find a solution? Having same issue. I think the “results from step…” option doesn’t include steps that adjust custom states for some reason. Super annoying

I got a response from Bubble support (which makes sense):
" The behavior you’re encountering here is actually expected, because the “Make changes to…” and “Create a new…” workflow actions are implemented on Things (which CAN be referenced via the “Result of Step X…” expression), whereas the “Set state…” workflow action is implemented on an element (which cannot be checked with operators like “is empty”). And for a little bit of extra context, a Thing is a single instance of a data type and would correspond to a row within any of your app’s data tables."


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