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Results of Step X Not working

Hello @emmanuel

Just want to double check if this is intended behavior or if it’s a bug before I submit a report.

I have 2 API calls I need to make after each other. The 2nd call requires results from the first. On closer inspection, it appears the 2nd API call does fires at the same time as the first. Thus causing the 2nd call to result in error.

Is this behavior expected? Even if the second request requires results from the first?

Well why are you referring to the same action within the same action. probably through copy paste right?

The second call requires a unique I’d that is returned by the first. So

  1. 1st call makes a phone call to a phone number and returns a UID
  2. 2nd call requires the UID of the 1st api call to initiate a speak command on the call.

You could create a custom event to run the 2nd action and trigger that custom event after the 1st call is made.

Hey @romanmg

I did try that approach by placing the 2nd call I’m another end point and scheduling it 2 seconds after the first.

Unfortunately that did not work either. It seems like bubble calls all actions simultaneously.

Now I am thinking of having the first call populate a table and scheduling the 2nd call with results of it.

I will keep you guys updated

P.S I know the calls works because i used the plugin editor to initialize the call.

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