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Retrieve Bubble IP for Remote Mysql (NOT SOLVED YET)


I´m trying to find the Bubble IP Address so I can put in the whitelist in the remote Mysql panel.

Does anyone know how to get the IP Address of a Bubble app?

Thanks a lot.

unfortunately Bubble doesn’t provide static IP addresses yet, so you have to enable requests from all IPs on your database hosting in order to use Bubble’s database connector


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Thanks for your reply Levon.

We´re just using it once a month so we´ve found this website that retrieves an IP (don´t know what IP is it) and then you add this IP on the remote Mysql as a whitelist. Then you go to Bubble database connector plugin and when trying to test it gives you another IP address, you put that one on the Mysql remote and I don´t know how but it works.

Thanks a lot.

Hey Nacho,
do you simply put bubble app address here and use the IP that it gives?
how the database connector gives another IP adress when you are trying to test it?


Yeah, so it seems that the Bubble site IP is so I put this IP in the whitelist. Then when testing the plugin in Bubble see the image below, you can see that it starts by 52.40… (I´ve blurred the rest since I don´t know if its compromising anything).

Now I put that 52.40… in the whitelist and it worked.

Hope it helps to figure out what´s going on.

Thanks Levon.

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ha, clever! and that IP changes every month when you try?

Nope, it´s actually changing everyday. Hehe, not really a good situation but since we are just using once a month it should work for us.


To keep this updated… Let´s say that my workaround is not reliable so we may have to find another solution for this.

Thanks a lot.