Retrieve data from database when a map marker is clicked

Hi there,

I’m struggling for some days with something which seems so simple I cannot figure it out ! :slight_smile:

I created a page which allow me to insert into my database some new address, and display them on a map. For each address, there is a possibility to add some comment and select a type of location.

This part works pretty well.

The issue I’ve got is when I want to retrieve those informations from another page.

I’ve set up the same map which display all the adress from the database, I’ve created a text field which display the exact adress when I click on the map marker, but I’m unable to retrieve the comments and type of location.

How can I manage to link the adress from the map to the adress in the database, in order to retrieve some other data ? (as the comment from example)

Let me know if I can be more precise in my demand.


Ok I’ll try to give more infos :slight_smile:

Just imagine that my table name is “location”. It has two fields : “adress” and “comment”.

I save some location on the database, being able to display each one of them on a Google Map using location.adress field --> it works great !

What I’m trying to do is once I click on a Google Map marker, to display in a text visual element from my database both fiels of my “location” table.

I did not find the way to match the adress of the Google Map marker with the adress in the “location” table so I can retrieve both fields : “adress” and “comment”

The only thing I’m able to display is the direct adress from the Google Map marker by using “Map A’s current marker” as a dynamic data.

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

And if I can find the info somewhere, please let me know ! Certainly I’m not the only one to try to do such thing, or maybe I should try a totally different way !


Problem solved : I had just the wrong type of marker set on my Map (geographic adress instead of my location table …)

Such a stupid mistake !

Also, I would still like to understand how to be able to do it as a relation between two tables (one would be my “location” table, the other would be the map’s marker with a geo adress attached on). The idea would be to do something like : select location.comment where location.adress = Map A’s current marker’s adress

If anyone knows :slight_smile:

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