List of things speed

Hi guys, this is just a quick thought that someone can hopefully help me with.

My app shows a list of things for a user. The way I find it is simply “where thing owner = current logged in user”

My question is, if I have hundreds of thousands (or more) of those things, and the user themselves only has 10, will that take forever to load. If so is there a better way of doing loading this list speed wise? This list is the main point of my app, so I’d like it to be as fast as possible


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In that case, your app will probably be more efficient if you turn the reference around and save a list of things to a user, and then reference User’s List of X instead of searching for it.


Thanks for your reply peter, I Might be being daft, but my “thing” has a load of fields, for example if it were a to do list, it might have name, date, compete y/n. Could you still don’t have with a list against the user? I thought (but haven’t really touched it) that lists against the user would be a list of a single field

Yes it’s a single field but still a list. So if you call Current User’s your_listfield_name it will return a list.
And you can search this small list instead of searching your tens of thousands of things.

Thanks for your help guys (sorry for not responding) it was a proper “click” moment when I got how lists of things work!