Return a thing where there is a partial match on a list of texts attached to that thing

Maybe someone in the community knows -

I have a Thing, for example a Contact.

This Thing has a list of texts attached to it, for example, there is a list of text notes in the Contact.

Is it possible to do a search of the list of texts, and return Contacts which have have a PARTIAL SEARCH match among the text.

Is this possible?

It’s better if you provide examples but based on what I understand it’s possible, you can do regex for searching and return that Contact based on the regex result.

I am not certain I fully get what you’re trying to do.

But look into using the “contains” in the search…

Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 8.04.42 AM


So as an example, I have a Thing Contact with the fields:

  1. Contact Name - text
  2. Notes - list of texts

I have a sample record Contact with Contact Name Michelle. I’ve attached Notes such as"Only Contact on Viber"; “Wife of John”

I want to search Notes for “wife” and return the Contact Michelle.

I think this example is what you are looking for - does that make sense to you or I can clarify furhter if you wish.

Thank you so much for answering this - it’s been a bit confusing to me.

Thank you for your reply.

Contains returns only complete and case sensitive matches however - I’m trying to return a partial match.

Please double check that…

I believe Contains returns partial matches (note there’s also “contains keyword(s)” which is different and matches whole words).

However, for the case-sensitive issue, I worked on that on two different apps recently.

You can create a new field just for these searches, and when you save the data you intend to search also save to it, but in lowercase.

Hi Buddha:

I mix up contains and contains keyword, so you may be correct.