Search by partial entry

I am trying to retrieve an item in a repeating group through a search box. i would like it to return partial matches in search box. sort of like when you do a google search.

Hi there, @yasirchau… it sounds like you want to use the contains operator, and you should check out this post for more info.


Thats exactly what i used, but it does not return partial name search. it does return exact match either. I tried contains keyword as well same behavior

Keep in mind that the search is case sensitive, so maybe that has something to do with it? Can you give an example of a search you are doing and the actual data you are searching against?

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So I am trying to search the repeating group by Item’s Title.

The Category filter works just fine but can’t seem to get the search box to return anything

I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to do because a search box returns its own list of items, so you wouldn’t use it to search a repeating group. That being said, if you want to see the search box return some items, try getting rid of the Title constraint because you have already specified that you want to search on the Title field, so the search box already knows to search that field for whatever the user is typing into the box.

I’m trying to limit the repeating group by the query.

For example:

Search “Kraft” in a repeating group showing all cheeses = only Kraft brand cheeses

Search “Kraft Cheddar” = only Kraft Cheddar cheeses

Search “Cheddar” = all cheddar cheeses regardless of brand

Additionally I’d like to autocomplete and guess items like google search does

Okay, give this a shot and see if it is what you are trying to do. Get rid of the search box and add an input element to the page. Then, add a constraint on the repeating group’s data source that says Title contains Input name's value (where Input name is whatever you have used as the label for the input element), and check the box to ignore empty constraints.

That sort of works.

Searches as I would like it to expect it is case sensitive and displays nothing when input is blank

Yup, I mentioned earlier that the search is case sensitive, and you can search the forum for workarounds. If you checked the ignore empty constraints checkbox, the search should return all grocery items when the input is empty.

I got the search box to search properly, but now it doesn’t limit displayed items in repeating group