Return all Item's unique ids

Hi All,

I have a button that puts an item into the current users, Not interested field (List of Multiple). Now i want to filter down items to display the user based on this, meaning don’t show me items that Unique ID is in the current user’s Not interested field. It worked successfully for “First Item” (Please see the attached screenshot) but how would I do it for ALL the items.!

Screenshot 2020-10-14 at 19.46.57

Thank you!

For sure there is a smarter way to do it but as I don’t know your data stucture and according to the informations you provided, you can:

  • create an hidden repeating group (let’s call it ‘hidden RG’) with the list of unique ID you don’t want,
  • perform the search you show on screenshot like: unique id isn’t in hidden RG’s unique id

But really if you could reorganize your data structure, your page would load faster. eg you could create a new data type for your Not interested field.

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Thanks Remi !! I got it working, i also wasn’t using the Filter Option but was using just the Search for Object. So the Isn’t in didn’t show just “=” or “<>”

Much Appreciated