Return (calculate) a number based on fixed values

Hey there, fairly new to Bubble.
I want to create an app for me and my friends to calculate a certain goal based on fixed data values.
Here’s what I want to do in detail:
Me and my friends came up with a “game” we play to reach our goals. Each step towards this goal has a fixed value of points (i.e. “Read a book = +5 Points”).
Now, I’d love to build an app around this, which has an input field “How many points do you want to reach?” “What is your current score?” “Which actions do you want to exclude to reach your goal?”
So I need user inputs and based on their inputs, some calculations need to take place.
In theory it sounds easy in my head:
Define the goals with the respective points, take the inserted Point-Goal and subtract the inserted current points and based on the resulting number, a list is shown telling the user which actions to take exactly (considering the excluded tasks) to reach the desired goal in the most effective way.

Is this impossible/too hard to do with bubble? I am fairly inexperienced but this sounds doable.
I’ll also take any existing template, if there is one :slight_smile: Thanks in advance for any help!

Hello, and welcome to Bubble! This certainly sounds like something that’s buildable with Bubble, and you’re on the right track with thinking about setting up your database. I’d recommend that you start with our interactive lessons and some of our Academy videos to get familiiar with Bubble’s functions!