Building a simple quiz

Hey Bubble!

New user here trying to hack her way into building a simple quiz. I have 5 yes/no questions and 32 possible results, one for each possible 5-question permutation. I’ve got the basics of bubble down, but am having a hard time figuring out where to start building the quiz.

My first thought was to assign a value to each question answered, and have that value add over the course of the quiz. For example answering “yes” (by clicking button “yes”) will score the user 1, clicking “no” a 0. “yes” on question 2 scores a 10 and “no” scores a 00, and so on until each quiz taker generates one of 32 unique 5 digit scores. When the quiz is finished bubble directs each user with the same score to a page corresponding to that score’s final answer. This is so each user can feel like they get a unique answer, and only see the result relevant to them. This is what I came up with as a chemistry and math geek, but my gut tells me I’m way overthinking this, and am missing a simpler method.

Any thoughts?

Thanks so much!


It’s funny because I actually started my Bubble experience in January building a similar quiz. I used a YouTube tutorial to get started. Now I’m on my second SAAS application and learning more each day.

You general plan is not bad. Assigning a value would work and you can run a formula at the end to tell them their score and route them to the page based on that value. Focus on simplicity to test your idea. Build a mini version and see it it works. Then build more. I test each feature individually and delete the data when I’m building something new.