Return Data From Api - bug

Hi guys,

Here is a problem I have faced since I started few months ago and that is now blocking the development of my application. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have 2 Bubble apps that are correctly connected through the Bubble App Connector. The problem is as follow :
From App A, I trigger a workflow in App B
The workflow executes well in App B and returns a value to App A
App A shows an error message “there is a temporary bug …”

I don’t get any error if App B does not return any data. I have tried to map the method of App B using either the “Action” or “Data” in App A. Both are getting the same error message .

Here is the detail of the return instruction in App B :

I have tried Plain Text , but same issue …

In App A, here is the detail of the instruction to trigger the workflow and store the data returned by App B

What do I do wrong ? What is the appropriate instructions in App A to read the data returned by App B without any error ?

Thanks by advance !!!