"Return data from API" ... to local page workflow

I’m using an API workflow to create a thing in the database. This API workflow is triggered through a local workflow on a page in the app. After the API workflow has been called, I’d like the local workflow to receive the output from the API workflow in the backend, which means the API workflow must pass its output somehow. I found the “return data from API” action in the backend, but I don’t know how to make the local workflow on the app page receive it. Can anyone tell me if this action is even intended for what I wanna do? If not, is there any other way this can be done?


Yes once you use the action “Return data from api” you can then use result of previous step in the font end workflows to access the value. Or you can connect the backend workflow to your Bubble API Connector and then use the backend api in that way but either way you will still need to “return data from api”. The url can be found under Settings → API → Workflow API root URL

The “Return data to API” action doesn’t work when you use the workflow internally. Doing the “result of” just returns the API’s process #. Not any actual returned data sadly

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Oh wow, I guess I never tried it that way. But hooking it to the API Connector will still work.