Returned Values How Edit?

I have manged to get data from an external api into bubble, but when I initiate the api call, I am only presented with only 3 fields. If I select Raw data, I can see the other information I would like to make use of such as Lat and Long. How can I pull the useful info out that is not auto detected by bubble. See image below for an extract of the API info from the 3rd party, and for the data within bubble.

states is list, you can target that and a second dropdown will appear.

aw ok great thank you. As simple as that! I’ll give that a go now.

@nocodeventure I only appear to get one option within the list…? See image below.

Yes, target item 1 and a third dropdown will appear!

ha I tried that (and scrolled up and down)

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You need to use the Item# to target the point in the list. So item #3 is Switzerland.

Hi @troy.roberge, thanks for helping out. Unfortunately, that doesnt seem to work for me.

Are you sure that open sky is a compatible data type?

Did you want to make your app open so we can look at it for you?

PM’d you.