Drop down isn't showing data correctly.. HELP!

Hello, I’m trying to populate my drop down with data from the API. While the data is being returned correctly, I can’t get the data to display correctly. Thank you in advance.

This is what it looks like in the app right now


And this is what is being returned from the API


How do I need to format the response so it recognizes it? I tried putting it in brackets like this [ “optiona”, “optionb” ] but that didn’t work either.

Here is how my dropdown is setup.

@datawithdan can you share a screenshot of the response when initializing in API Connector?

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Your api project should return a proper json data. If you want these two options for example, you can return this: [ { "optionname": "optiona" }, { "optionname": "optionb" } ]

If you create this response and return it →
This is how it will be initialized:

This is how you put into the dropdown:

And this is how it is displayed:

Here is the demo if you want to check details:

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thank you trying this now!

Thank you for the reply! I got it to work