Returning data from API in a custom event

I have a backend workflow which triggers a custom event which “returns data from API”, as you can see in the images.

At the moment i’m just getting the classic { success: {}... } response back from the API workflow rather than the return data as defined in a custom event. Also worth noting that docs say that “triggering” a custom event runs it synchronously and given the option to return data from an api is even in the custom events capabilities i’m assuming that i’m missing something?

If this is not possible, whats the best way to re-use logic in backend workflows? I wanted to pass a “thing” from a workflow to the event and have the event format the response correctly because the response will be formatted in the same way for every workflow

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From my experience “return data from api” works only in the top level workflow even though the action is available in custom events :man_shrugging:

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