Return data from Trigger Backend Workflows 🔴

I’m looking for a fast fix from not having a :small_orange_diamond: Return Data From Trigger like the
“Return Data from API” in the Backend Workflows without having to write in the database.

I asked the same question to Bubble. Can anyone enlighten me on this issue?

Still need help.

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You can call your own API endpoint from the API Connector Plugin to return data.

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@JohnMark Ahh you mean kinda like a “Result of {Custom Event}”? (The image below is faked, but hopefully visualizes what I’m referring to)

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I tried that too :sweat_smile: and nothing there.

No, there isn’t anything like that unfortunately – I don’t know of any workarounds either other than using the database… but that brings it’s own problems with order of operations (I know you already know all this). Having that “result of” would make for a great new “power user” feature though. Add it to the ideaboard and send me a link and I’ll upvote.


Hi @reger-alexander

Need to return data for sequencing purpose. Can I send data to endpoint from the second level deep and recuperate the data at the first level ?

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