Returning wrong page when using Goto Page

Returning wrong page when using Goto Page.

I type in the WorkFlow the destination Tasa_Rotas and it navigates to the page Tasa_Clientes.

On my PC it works correctly, but on two cell phones it gives this error.

Can you help me ?

Make sure you are clicking the same button. WFs are not platform sensitive, so it doesn’t matter if you are clicking button on mobile or desktop (if you haven’t set any conditionals).
I suppose on smaller screen you may click on some nearby element.

On the PC where I develop the application, it doesn’t give any errors, but I tested it on two android phones and they give errors, that is, I click on the ROUTES button and it navigates to the CUSTOMERS page.

I deleted the entire group with all the buttons on the menu and redid the menu of buttons and it continues to give an error, because it insistently navigates to the wrong page. The other 5 buttons work perfectly.

I deleted all browser cookies and nothing. I installed the OPERA browser and it keeps giving error.

Could you share a screenshot from your phone of how your RG and buttons look like?

The error occurs on the INDEX page and I have not defined any conditionals.

There is enough space between the buttons…

I deleted the menu group and totally rebuilt and nothing.

I deleted the CHROME browser cookies and installed OPERA and the error persists.

It’s maddening!

Yes. Wait please


I can’t believe a Go To Page action is actually sending Users to the wrong page…

Do you have any redirects on the tasa_rotas page?

Error here:
Redirecting the Tasa_Rotas page to Tasa_Clientes on mobile
Thank you very much for your generous help!

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