Buttons don't navigate to their page

Every time I click a button it doesn’t go to its respective page it just goes back to my “home” page (not index). Can someone help me please? I have it set to “when button is clicked navigate to X page”

Thanks, Justin.

Hey @texturelymods,

Can you post screenshots of the workflow?

Sure thing! image


Hmm weird. If you wanna share the editor link via a private message I’d be happy to take a look for you.

You’ve probably got some conditions set on the MDT page that redirect you to home. Check those, THEN ask us.

How do I look at conditions?

Was there ever a solution to this?

Yes. I just updated my version of bubble.

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In your editor, make sure your mobile version is not set to anything. Other wise it would always go to the page you set.

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