Reusable element not responsive on page different from the index one

Hello everybody, I hope you are fine.
I have created an header, as a reusable element. The elements inside are responsive as well. When the current page width varies the size of the element varies as well.
This behaviour now works only on the index page. I use the header on the other pages and it doesnt seem to work.
Where am I wrong?
thank you

have you checked that your other pages are responsive (not “fixed” layout type)?

I did, and I have tried now to another new page , and It seems to work.
Maybe it’s just a browser thing.
I will update you thanks.

Ok, appearently I had to delete the header, and install a new one on the same page, (after I have done some modifications to the header itself). After I have replaced the “new” header now, it seems to work.
thank you for your help.

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