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Reusable elements and data

Trying to understand best practice with reusable elements.

I’ve got several reusable element on a page.
Do I have to create a thing for each of them on its container level?


The question doesn’t seem clear enough

Depends on how you intend to use them, but generally you do need to add the data source to each instance of the reusable element being used.

The further elaborate -
I’ve built a form with a bunch of Q&A. I also created a reusable component - “multiple uploader” to allow the users to upload multiple files/images. I placed this component in multiple places in the page so users would be able to attach screenshots/files to each question.

My question:
Do I need to create a “MultiUploader Data” thing and assign it per each of these reusable components?
To make it even more annoying, “MultiUploader Data” contains more things that needs to be created.

I have around 10 of these components and it seems very far from best practice. I read somewhere about some auto process “create a thing if doesn’t exist” but it looks like it was deprecated - not 100% positive it’s relevant


My hunch is that you probably don’t need reusables in this case. Unless you’re:

  • styling the multi-uploader + another element and you want to keep it consistent.
  • building a bunch of Q&A forms that have slightly different questions.

Some resources: