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New App going live Thursday! Lots of Questions (Basic level)

Hi guys!
I´m developing the Alpha version of a tool that lets you type in information (e.g. Name, Adress etc.) and then sends the data to another app and automaticly creates a .pdf in the end.

So what i´m trying to do right now is to set up the form.
I want the form to be split up into several subpages, so that not all the fields are displayed on one single page.

  1. Question: How can i do that? Or specificaly: how can i send the user to the next part of the form by clicking the “next” button without having the whole page reload? So let´s say, i have a first page that says “General info” and then aufter clicking “Next” i want the user to be lead to the next part “Specific Info”.
    Also, i want all the parts displayd above the actual form so the user has an overview over what is yet to come.

Then, i want to store all the data from the fields (about 80) in a Dataset that can be sent somewhere else.
3. Question: How can i have all the data stored together by clicking the “next button”

Something else:
We created a Header as a reusable object.
4. Question: How can i reuse this header in my new subpage? Double-clicking doesn´t seem to work.

I am trying to answer my questions using trial & error, the tutorials and the search engine. Anyway, help is very appreciated! Bubble seems to be a great and powerful tool, but i don´t really have the time to dive deep into it before developing my app so just give me some directions :wink:

Best Regards

Oh and the next quest: Moving objects with the mouse stopped working, i have to use the arrow keys. What could be the reason for that bug and how can i fix it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Using reusable elements for the forms and hiding one element and showing another when next button is clicked. I am not sure what you mean about sent somewhere else (within bubble or another app).

Bubble is the best option for the non-programmer and there is enough help, but the best way to utilize it is to take the time to learn it yourself. Even if money is on the line now it’s worth it because it will payoff later.