Reusable Event Triggers Only Once?

Hello Community,

I’m putting this issue under mobile as I have the workflow working perfectly on web, and the issue is between the main page and the reusable mobile header.

Here is summary of the issue:

I am using a custom state “Search Trigger” in the reusable header to determine if the main page’s “WhichUser” should change. The workflow works fine for the initial search as shown above, but the trigger event on the main page doesn’t seem to be firing after the initial change.

Here is the workflow for the reusable header that changes the Trigger values.

Here is the workflow for the main page which looks at the reusable header’s triggers.

As always, any help is greatly appreciated.

Sounds like your “Do when header menu…” event isn’t set to “every time”. Check the “Run this” field on the event itself.


Yes, that was it! Thank you so much @nnich19. That did it. Phew!

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